• Separate intelligent Dashboard to represent budget, expenses, and income and their comparisons in different graphical forms.


  • This section of accounts module helps to reconciliate and lock accounts for crews individually or for all users collectively.
  • Also, you can assign date of reconciliation for each account.


  • Yacht business budget can be managed monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.
  • Start and end session can be mentioned for the duration of budget.
  • Budget for each entity like crew, payroll, insurance, birth fees, internet, office rent etc., is mentioned monthly with grant total of the whole budget.


  • New budget categories for different expenses can be created and existing categories can be edited as per need.
  • Parent budget category can be selected while adding a new sub-category.


  • Invoice can be created and listed with information of invoice number, issuing date, total amount, description and comment, expense status, etc.
  • Expense status includes draft, waiting for approval, overdue, approved, partially paid, paid and canceled.
  • Approval can be given to each invoice before proceeding.
  • Invoice can be further categorized into the multiple categories with related amount.
  • Account, vendor, and status can be selected while adding an expense invoice.
  • Files can be uploaded by just drag and drop or by choosing it from local storage.


  • Any number of new purchase order can be added with complete information of Vender, Date of order, amount of the items, etc.
  • Any number of items with quantity and price can be added within each purchase order.
  • Status of purchase order by default is “waiting for approval” but can changed to “approved” by admin. Also, it can be changed to “closed” or “canceled” as per current order status.
  • One latest feature of this module is to convert the purchase order to purchase invoice just by submitting it with issue and due date.


  • New invoice can be added with complete details of invoice no., issue and due date, status, vendor, and total, paid & remaining amount.
  • While adding new invoice, paying amount should be entered, relevant account must be selected, and receipt of invoice should be uploaded.
  • Approval can be taken from admin to further process the purchase invoice.

Category Report

  • Daily, monthly, yearly and total budget, expenses, variances, and other factors for each category can be analyzed from the accounting module of YManage360.

Details Report

  • Each category could include multiple items. One can go to report section under accounting module to find the daily, monthly, yearly and total budget details of every item under each category.


  • As Ymanage360 holds multi-currency feature, so any currency can be selected from settings as per the business location or transactions.
  • YManage360 allows you to decide the fiscal year date. You can select any date and month from the calendar for your fiscal year.

Budget Setting

  • Every yachting business has an approximate budget allocation for financial. It’s a good practice to allocate budget initially for proper distribution of money. Accounting module allows you to decide and allocate budget from one year to multiple years.


  • Accounts can be created and assigned to any staff member on any position concerned to any Yacht department.
  • Status of the account can be set to ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’.
  • Currency exchange rate is corresponding to EUR or the default currency already chosen from settings.
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