• Dashboard of Fleet module shows you upcoming and current voyages. All the current voyages are displayed on map as per their actual location.
  • Information of Yacht, source and destination port, journey details like schedule date etc., is also displayed on Dashboard.

Live Tracking

  • Live tracking modules helps you to find position of your Yachts currently on trip by listing and maps.
  • Different layers are shown on map using different colors to know interconnectivity and common information about ports or related areas.
  • Markers for important places like Hospitals and ports are shown on maps as per the selection from the available list.
  • Multiple voyages or trips are selected and their routes are displayed on maps.
  • Voyage planner helps you to select source and destination to find out the future trips, their departure and estimated arrival timing, Yacht speed, etc. and represent the route of each trip on map.

Manage Layers

  • Each layer is having a specific area constituting several markers like hospitals or ports and is represented by different colors on map.
  • Multiple new layers are defined and new markers can be added to them with specified colors.


  • Vital information of transceivers is recorded, listed and managed through this module.
  • New transceiver is added with information of:


      • Part name, number, manufacturer, manufacturer part number, Year of purchase, Unit value, stock value, warranty, expiry date, serial no., barcode no., dimension, weight, units, etc. with spare parts image upload options.


    • Quantity required, stockable/unstockable selection, reserved, available, booked, stock minimum, stock maximum, etc.


  • List of markers defining symbolic representation of locations like historical places, restaurants, ports, etc. on maps is available.
  • New markers can be added with information of marker type like hospitals or ports, position in latitude and longitude, X & Y anchor point, Z index, and description about the marker.
  • Markers can be clickable or draggable as per the selection from marker section of Ymanage360 module.

Marker Types

  • Different types of markers could be represented by different icons on a map.
  • Admin can define size of marker type icon, XY position for origin & anchor, zoom range in pixel, and can upload an image for icon.

Voyage Plans

  • One can select and view the list of all the Voyage plans by selecting the specific yacht or by selecting a particular date from calendar for all the voyages on specific date.
  • Listing of Voyage show the information of Yachts, departure port, departure time, arrival port, and arrival time.

Archive History

  • This section of Ymanage360 module keeps the history of voyages by different Yachts.
  • One can select Yacht to find past trips related to it or can also select a date to find all the trips on same date.


  • In settings one can apply API of any provider by putting in the API key.
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