• As Ymanage360 is featured with separate dashboard for each module, HRM Dashboard is also uniquely represent staff related reports.
  • Pending leave request, pending compensatory request, monthly leave count, and other details can be graphically represented in the form of tables and charts.


  • Monthly, weekly and daily status of leaves and holidays can be added to calendar to calculate proper working and rest hours.
  • Representation of full or half day leaves and holidays on calendar are with different colors and with name of the employee taking leave or with the name of holiday.


  • Holiday module allows you to add any number of holidays as per the country or preferences of festivals, national holidays and community rituals.
  • Holidays may be longer than a day, so YManage360 allows you to add duration of holidays with little bit of description.


  • Daily routine of each crew member and Yachting staff is scheduled to get the proper information regarding duty hours, overtime and rest hours.
  • New working schedule can be added by choosing an employee with the date employee worked on, work started hours, break hours and work end hours.

Compensatory Request

  • It is good to recompense someone who has experienced loss, suffering, or injury. Any employee or yachting staff can place a compensatory request.
  • New compensatory request can be placed by selecting the staff, worked date and time, expiry date, and description about the request.
  • Request can be in placed in different modes as per the status like accepted, processing, completed, expired, pending, etc.


  • YManage360 allows you to request and input multiple sorts of employee leaves like sick and casual leaves by defining start and end date with proper reasons.
  • Status of leaves can be changed to pending, approved, cancel or rejected by owner, admin or manager as per the working conditions or other factors.

Leaves Types

  • Different leave categories can be added to allow staff select the relevant one while requesting.
  • New leave category required some very vital information:

    Basic Information

      • One can add new leave type by selecting paid or unpaid leave, validity and also by describing the code of leave like CL for Casual leave.


      • Leaves criteria can be set for the whole year. Every sort of leave can be defined with effective time, accrual, reset, and carry forward settings.


    • Different sorts of leaves can be applicable to different genders crew members, user groups, ranking in crew, and for employees.


  • YManage360 provides complete payroll management feature to handle salary packages of employees and its breakdown with earnings and deductions.


      • Employee payroll details includes paid days, gross pay, taxes, deductions and net pay.
      • One can select employee and add new payroll for that employee from list section.

    Add Payroll

      • This section helps you to add new payroll with information like employee, basic pay, net pay, start and end date (duration), LOP days, etc.
      • Other details like earnings, pre-tax deductions, taxes, and post-tax deductions are also can be defined for each employee.


    • New earnings and deductions can be easily added in CTC of employee using payroll section of HRM Module with pay slip details, value in percentage or number, and default value as tax.

Configure Payrolls

  • YManage360 gives you flexibility to configure set of rules for payroll of all departments.
  • One can define period name, salary period cycle, day of processing and report generation, etc.
  • Feature to lock the entries of timesheet, attendance and leaves after processing day.
  • Number of working days in a week can be defines in pay schedule section.
  • Option to switch salary based on days in a month or days employee worked.
  • You can set salary distribution day and can define the first payroll starting month.

Organization Detail

  • HRM Module includes the details of organization location (country), addresses of all branches, PAN number, TAN number, TDS circle/AO Code, and TAX Frequency.

Yacht Rules

  • Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) option can be enabled in case of clearance taken as per MLC norms otherwise it can be set to ‘No’.
  • Admin can define duty watch starting hours, maximum working, extra and rest hours per day and per week.
  • Schedule can be defined as per charter, if charter is of more than 14 days then admin can allow one or two days of rest.

Customize balance

  • Employee total leaves can be customized and balance as per the company’s norms.
  • New balance record with reasons can also be created if needed.

Compensatory Leave Types

  • Compensatory leaves can be balanced by putting them under the category of leaves like sick leaves or casual leaves.
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