With great passion, high ethics and strong core values we have successfully reached the international yacht community and we are leading it to a common digital platform – Ymanage360 – the world’s first centralized Cloud based Yachting Digital Platform. It is already widely appreciated[ and it is becoming more and more popular among yacht owners, captains, agents, and yacht managers.

YManage360 is the perfect fit to the demands of the international yachting industry since it integrates features such as Financial and Project Management, Inventory, E-Log, Account Management, CRM, ISM, HRM, documentation control, Fleet management system with powerful navigation tools and many smart quality components consolidated with automation in management, maintenance, tracking, reporting and execution of tasks.

We adhere to all international standards and we delivery exemplary services and solutions to our clients with full support. We have won the trust, hearts and minds of our customers by providing software customization, integration, client-site deployment support and in-depth training at YManage360 platform.

Trusted by the world's leading Yachting organizations