• Calendar represents total number of tasks with the status of each task on monthly, weekly and daily bases.
  • Tasks can be individually or collectively selected for representation as per the status like task going to start, in progress, pending, completed, or failed.
  • One can select date and specify new tasks with complete information like selecting type of task, assigning yacht, crew and duration with other details.


  • One can add any number of yachting equipments with a precise description about them.
  • Admin can easily select, search, edit and delete any of the equipment with its details.
  • Yachting equipments can be subcategories under parent as Lubricant system under Engine port is having sub category of Fuel pump, filter and injector equipments.


New task can be added with lots of latest features:

  • Types of tasks like spare parts, inspection, motors, pumps, etc. can be added with different colors, task duration, start and end dates.
  • Assign responsibility of task to staff and crew members.
  • Tags like Waiting, urgent, paused etc. can be added to each task to assure the priority.
  • Groups like kitchen, deck, cleaning, etc. can be created, selected or assigned to each task.
  • Task location can be mentioned by selecting operational area and group like engine port or engine star with item and sub-item used for that task.
  • One can add any number of jobs and define schedule for recurring tasks.

Spare Parts

  • Keep track of all the spare parts by making record of minute details of each.
  • You can trace details of each part and also the availability of same spare part in Stock through edit mode.
  • Spare part information includes part no., manufacturer part no., VAT on part, warranty, expiry, serial no, barcode, dimension, quantity, and images of a part.

Task Settings

  • Task Type: Type of task can be named with related machinery or plan. Each task type can be added with different color.
  • Task Group: Task group can be created as per department like cleaning, kitchen, deck and can be assigned to each task.
  • Task Tags: Tags for each task can be added to inform the status of the task and also to resolve them on priority bases.
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